A first version of the program is available.

Early registration until July 7th, 2019

ECSA 2019 is pleased to offer the opportunity to participate in the conference by helping us organizing the event. This call is geared towards students from around the world so they can participate in preparing and running the event from 9 to 13th September.

Rainer Grau will give an industrial keynote on "Good practices to identify bounded context to build agile organizations in sync with a smart system architecture- Classical methods still deliver value in agile ecosystems" on Thursday, September 12th.

There will be 6 workshops associated with ECSA2019

Professor Awais Rashid will give a keynote on "Secure software architectures for a hyperconnected world: Game changer or pipe dream?" on Friday September 13.

Carlo Ghezzi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, will give the joint keynote for SPLC and ECSA Doctoral Symposium with the title "Becoming and being a researcher--what I wish someone would have told me when I started doing research”.

All submission pages are open now. So the run on the smallest submission numbers is on!

Women in #SoftwareArchitecture & #SoftwareProductLine panelists team up to organize Women on Software Engineering track and panel at @ECSACONF & @splcconf in Paris!

Christian Kästner will give the joint keynote for SPLC and ECSA with the title “Performance Analysis for Highly-Configurable Systems”
22 January, 2019 .