13th European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA) - 9-13 September 2019, Paris France


Sixth Workshop on Software Architecture Erosion and Architectural Consistency (SAEroCon 2019)


The more complex a software system is and the longer a software system evolves, the more difficult it is to avoid effects like software architecture erosion or architectural drift. These effects can lead to systems where the realization of the system diverges from the intended architecture, with resultant negative impacts on quality attributes associated with the intended architecture. As studies have shown, untreated divergence can lead to systems which are impossible to maintain in the long run. Expensive redevelopments and replacements are often the consequences.

In recent years, researchers from different communities like software maintenance, model-driven development, and software architecture have investigated many aspects of software architecture erosion from different perspectives. The goal of the "Sixth Workshop on Software Architecture Erosion and Architectural Consistency (SAEroCon)" is to intensify the exchange of ideas regarding the current state-of-the-art/the state-of-the-practice and future research directions regarding architecture consistency, architecture recovery and restoration and ways to prevent and mitigate against architecture erosion. The workshop targets all software engineering researchers and practitioners interested in discussing ideas regarding these topics and shaping future research related to them.


List of  Accepted Papers

- Detection of Conflicts and Inconsistencies between Architecture Solutions, Benno Kallweit, Pablo Oliveira Antonino, Jasmin Jahic, Thomas Kuhn, Peter Liggesmeyer

- Applicability of Controlled Natural Languages for Architecture Analysis and Documentation - An Industrial Case Study, Sandra Schröder, Georg Buchgeher

- The PageRank and Criticality of Architectural Smells, Francesca Arcelli Fontana, Ilaria Pigazzini, Claudia Raibulet, Stefano Basciano, Riccardo Roveda

- Source-Code Divergence Diagnosis using Constraints and Cryptography, Farshad Ghassemi Toosi, Ashish Rajendra Sai, Jim Buckley

- Semi-Automatic Mapping of Source Code Using Naive Bayes, Tobias Olsson, Morgan Ericsson, Anna Wingkvist

- Process-Mining Based Dynamic Software Architecture Reconstruction, Tijmen de Jong, Jan Martijn van der Werf