Accepted Papers

13th European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA) - 9-13 September 2019, Paris France


List of accepted papers 

Research track

Full papers

- Evaluating the Effectiveness of Multi-level Greedy Modularity Clustering for Software Architecture Recovery, Hasan Sozer

- Continuous Adaptation Management in Collective Intelligence Systems, Angelika Musil, Juergen Musil, Danny Weyns, and Stefan Biffl

- Assessing Adaptability of Software Architectures for Cyber-Physical Production Systems, Michael Mayrhofer, Christoph Mayr-Dorn, Alois Zoitl, Georg Weichhart, Ouijdane Guiza, and Alexander Egyed

- QoS-based Formation of Software Architectures in the Internet of Things, Martina De Sanctis, Romina Spalazzese and Catia Trubiani

- From a monolith to a microservices architecture: an approach based on transactional contexts, Luís Nunes, Nuno Santos, and António Rito Silva

- Optimizing architectures for performance, cost, and security, Rajitha Yasaweerasinghelage, Mark Staples, Hye-Young Paik, and Ingo Weber

- ADOOPLA - Combining Product-Line- and Product-Level Criteria in Multi-Objective Optimization of Product Line Architectures, Tobias Wägemann, Ramin Tavakoli Kolagari, and Klaus Schmid

- Supporting Architectural Decision Making on Data Management in Microservice Architectures, Evangelos Ntentos, Uwe Zdun, Konstantinos Plakidas, Daniel Schall, Fei Li, and Sebastian Meixner

- An Exploratory Study of Naturalistic Decision Making in Complex Software Architecture Environments, Ken Power and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

- A Survey on Big Data Analytics Solutions Deployment, Cristian Camilo Castellanos Rodriguez, Boris Rainiero Perez Gutierrez, Carlos A. Varela, Maria Del Pilar Villamil, and Dario Correal

- Guiding Architectural Decision Making on Service Mesh-Based Microservice Architectures, Amine El Malki and Uwe Zdun

Short papers

- Architecturing Elastic Edge Storage Services for Data-Driven Decision Making, Ivan Lujic, and Hong-Linh Truong

- Assessing the Quality Impact of Features in Component-based Software Architectures, Axel Busch, Dominik Fuchß, Maximilian Eckert and Anne Koziolek

- What Quality Attributes can we Find in Product Backlogs? A Machine Learning Perspective, Matthias Galster, Fabian Gilson, and Francois Georis

- Components and Design Alternatives in E-Assessment Systems, Michael Striewe

Industrial track

Full papers

- A Four-Layer Architecture Pattern for Constructing and Managing Digital Twins, Somayeh Malakuti, Johannes Schmitt, Marie Platenius-Mohr, Sten Grüner, Ralf Gitzel, and Prerna Bihani.

- Tool support for the migration to microservice architecture: an industrial case study, Ilaria Pigazzini, Francesca Arcelli Fontana and Andrea Maggioni. 

- ACE: Easy Deployment of Field Optimization Experiments, David Issa Mattos, Jan Bosch, and Helena Holmström Olsson.

Invited Paper

-Digital continuity for MBSE - MOISE project, Julien Baclet

Women on Software Engineering track

National Cultures and Gender Balance in ICT:  A preliminary study, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios, and Cristina Casado-Lumbreras  

Gender Balance in Computer Science and Engineering in Italian Universities, Moreno Marzolla and Raffaela Mirandola

Assisting Women in Career Change Towards Software Engineering: Experience from Czechitas NGO, Barbora Buhnova, Lucie Jurystova, and Dita Prikrylova

- Women Participation in Open Source Software Communities, Vandana Singh

Gender Gap? A Snapshot of a Bachelor Computer Science Course at Graz University of Technology, Christian Schindler and Matthias Müller

Doctoral Symposium

Full papers

Formal Semantics For Supporting The Automated Synthesis Of Choreography-based Architectures, Tala Najem

- Architecting for Scale: The Case for Systematic Software Reuse in Managing Technical Debt in Start-ups, Mercy Njima

- Automatic Detection of Architecture Erosion through Semantic Representation of code, Ilaria Pigazzini

- Towards Service Discovery and Autonomic Version Management in Self-healing Microservices Architecture, Yuwei Wang

- Promoting Trust in Interoperability of Systems-of-Systems, Ana Paula Allian

- A Framework for Managing Uncertainty in Software Architecture, Chawanangwa Lupafya

- Model of granularity specification “Microservices Backlog” for microservices-based applications, Fredy Humberto Vera-Rivera


- Towards a Framework for Developing Internet of Things Applications: An Edge Computing Approach, Aurora Macías

Tools, Demos, Posters

List of accepted papers

Demo papers
- An Exploration and Experiment Tool Suite for Code to Architecture Mapping Techniques, Tobias Olsson, Morgan Ericsson and Anna Wingkvist

- ArchLearner: Leveraging Machine-learning Techniques for Proactive Architectural Adaptation, Henry Muccini and Karthik Vaidhyanathan

- Kubow: An Architecture-Based Self-Adaptation Service for Cloud Native Applications, Carlos Mendes Aderaldo, Nabor Mendonca, Bradley Schmerl and David Garlan

- Software Architecture Knowledge Sharing with the Architecture Knowledge Base (AKB), Klaus Brandner, Benjamin Mayer and Rainer Weinreich

Poster papers
- A Bottom-Up Approach for Reconstructing Software Architecture Product Lines, Mohamed Lamine Kerdoudi, Tewfik Ziadi, Chouki Tibermacine and Salah Sadou

- A Recommender System for Software Architecture Decision Making, Klaus Brandner and Rainer Weinreich

- Discovering Architectural Rules in Practice, Sandra Schröder and Georg Buchgeher

- Self-accounting in architecture-based self-adaptation, Raffaela Mirandola, Elvinia Riccobene and Patrizia Scandurra

- The Applicability of Palladio for Assessing the Quality of Cloud-based Microservice Architectures, Floriment Klinaku, Dominik Bilgery and Steffen Becker

- Towards a Parallel Template Catalogue for Software Performance Predictions, Markus Frank, Floriment Klinaku, Marcus Hilbrich and Steffen Becker