13th European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA) - 9-13 September 2019, Paris France


Formal Approaches for Advanced Computing Systems (FAACS)


Nowadays, services and information are owned by multiple interacting sources and delivered to an unprecedented amount of end-users thanks to the availability of advanced distributed software systems. These systems are built upon new technologies/infrastructures (e.g., cloud infrastructures, IoT connectivity, AI-powered, and smart devices, wearable technology) and expose multi-paradigm computing models (e.g., mobile cloud computing, Cloud of Things, autonomic and cognitive computing, social computing). As a consequence, the development of these Advanced Computing Systems requires advanced architectural design exploiting the integration of heterogeneous architecture description languages and styles. Moreover, the employment of emerging technologies and computational models may unexpectedly expose the user to undesired consequences, such as threats to confidentiality and even financial or health danger. Therefore, assuring trustworthiness or other important quality attributes of such systems represents a very challenging issue that requires rigorous or formal approaches to design, development and validation & verification. The goal of the workshop is to foster integration between formal methods and software architecture promoting new connections and synergies between the two communities in order to strengthen links between them and stimulate researchers to share novel ideas, techniques, and lessons learned, from both industrial and academic experts.

List of Accepted Papers

Stochastic Hybrid Systems Meet Software Components for Well-Founded Cyber-Physical Systems Software Architectures, Jacques Malenfant

- To What Extent Formal Methods are Applicable for Performance Analysis of Smart Cyber-Physical Systems? Lorenzo Pagliari, Mirko D'Angelo, Mauro Caporuscio, Raffaela Mirandola and Catia Trubiani

- A logical architecture design method for microservices architectures, Nuno Santos, Carlos E. Salgado, Helena Rodrigues, Francisco Morais, Mónica Melo, Sara Silva, Raquel Martins, Marco Pereira, Nuno Ferreira, Manuel Pereira and Ricardo J. Machado

- Architecture Description Language for Climate Smart Agriculture Systems, Mohammad Sharaf, Mai Abusair, Rami Ilawi, Yara Shana'A, Ithar Saleh and Henry Muccini

A formal design of the Hybrid European Rail Traffic Management System, Paolo Gaspari, Elvinia Riccobene and Angelo Gargantini